Lag Bolts


This is a hex head lag bolt.
Use these bolts to fasten your dock floats.
1/2″ Washer included.

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Lag Bolts are hex head screws with thick shafts and coarse threads. They are designed to securely join wood pieces together in heavy load applications. Commonly used for decks, framing, retaining walls, and wooden playground equipment.

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Lag Bolt

5/8"x6", 1/2"x8", 1/2"x6", 1/2"x5", 1/2"x4", 1/2"x3", 3/8"x10", 3/8"x6", 3/8"x5", 3/8"x4", 3/8"x3", 3/8"x2", 5/16"x6", 5/16"x5", 5/16"x4"