Hex Bolts Galvanized


Galvanized Hex Bolts

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Hex bolts are hexagonal head fasteners with machine threads. They are commonly used for machinery and construction projects, both residential and commercial. Made from galvanized steel for great corrosion resistance.

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Galvanized Hex Bolt

3/4"x6", 3/4"x5", 1/2"x5", 1/2"x4", 1/2"x3.5", 1/2"x3", 1/2"x1.75", 1/2"x1.5", 1/2"x1.25", 1/2"x1", 3/8"x6", 3/8"x5", 3/8"x4.5", 3/8"x4", 3/8"x3.5", 3/8"x3", 3/8"x2.5", 5/16"x5", 5/16"x4.5", 5/16"x4", 5/16"x3.5", 5/16"x3", 5/16"x2.5"