Carriage Bolt Assembly Stainless Steel


Carriage Bolt Assembly is stainless steel for marine applications.
Includes one bolt, one nut and one washer.
Order the appropriate amount for your project

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A carriage bolt features a smooth, rounded head with no external drive for appearance, safety and security.
The square shank under the head pulls into the material as nuts are tightened and prevents the bolt from turning once completely installed.
Common applications for this bolt include deck building, fence construction and outdoor furniture.
Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance.

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Carriage Bolt Assembly Stainless Steel

1/2"x5", 1/2"x3", 3/8"x5", 3/8"x4.5", 3/8"x4", 3/8"x3", 5/16"x1.5"