200-092 Hardware Pack for P1,P2, L, and LU Carry-It® Carts


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Complete Hardware Pack for the 200-P1,P2, L, and LU Carry-It® Carts.
Flat Plate Axle: Qty. 2
Stainless Plates: Qty. 2
U Brackets: Qty. 2
5/16 Carriage Bolts: Qty. 4
5/8 Axle Lock Nuts: Qty. 2
Truss HD Screws: Qty. 2
1/4″ Nyloc Nuts: Qty. 10
Truss HD Screws 1 3/4″: Qty. 2
5/16″ Stainless Nyloc Nuts: Qty. 4
Truss HD Screws 1 1/2″: Qty. 6

and Instruction Sheet

The Carry-It® Cart is a perfect garden cart, dock cart, or utility cart. Multi purpose for all your needs.
The hardware pack helps extend the life of your cart as it helps you easily replace any lost hardware.

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Weight 1.0 lbs